TITAN HV Slab Forming System

The aluminium system slabform

Alu-Deckenschalung TITAN HV


  • drop-head system
  • excellent economics
  • simple handling
  • safe working

The System

TITAN HV is the well proven slabforming system with aluminium beams, which solves each formwork job fast and economical - without labour and cost intensive adjustments and fillers. TITAN HV can be used without crane handling.

The idea

Unlike traditional beam systems the V shaped main beams and the H shaped secondary beams of the TITAN HV are on the same level. This is enabled by support grooves on the main, secondary and drop heads in which the neighboring
beams are positioned. This means that the inefficient and uneconomical overlap of beams, as with traditional beam systems, does not occur. The HV beams
automatically build up as a rigid interlocking grid, without the need for plywood as bracing. Flexibility in use is not sacrificed with the HV System. The grid of the beams is variable and by placing a main beam into another main beam the
direction of the secondary beams change. Complications like columns, wall corners, make-up pieces, curved walls etc. no longer create problems. The main and secondary beams can be placed in any position.
The drop head system allows stripping just 2 days after the pour. All main and secondaries come free, and can be used for the next section. Practice has shown that the TITAN HV System cuts the total forming operation down by at least 0.1 h/m² (productivity gains of 0.3 m² ( 3.3 sqft ) per man hour).
These labour savings can more than compensate for the cost of hiring
the system.